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SpeeDefrag is designed to optimize Windows defragmentation process
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SpeeDefrag 5.2 is a tool to keep in your system in good health. SpeedDefrag 5.2 defragments your hard drives doing a CHKDSK before to start the defragmentation.
SpeeDefrag 5.2 Freeware version has no GUI (Graphic User Interface) to keep tracking on the progress of the process. A command prompt shows the begin of the defragmentation and a warning that the defragment is in process.
SpeeDegfrag 5.2 is a tool that doesn't require attention from the user and can be scheduled to start after certain amounts of time or to start at some specific time. Also SpeeDefrag 5.2 can be sent to the system tray and remain there until the time of the defragment execution in case that you enabled the schedule function.
SpeeDefrag 5.2 can be useful for systems that require maintenance out of work hours, and the system will keep a good performance.
One thing that is not good for this tool is that it doesn't save the schedule after its execution and you have to re enable the schedule.
SpeeDefrag 5.2 works on Windows XP and Vista platforms. The documentation is according to this software and is very poor.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • SpeeDefrag is fast and easy to use
  • SpeeDefrag performs a CHKDSK before to start the defragmentation on the hard drives


  • SpeeDefrag has no GUI (Graphic User Interface), so there is no information about the progress
  • After perform a scheduled defragmentation you have to set up a new schedule again
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